How to Register

Welcome to the Covington Quilters new website!

This page shows members of Covington Quilters how to sign up for access to private content on the Covington Quilters website.  The registered part of this site is restricted to members of Covington Quilters Guild only.

If you have not signed up yet (registered), it is simple. Just follow these simple steps.

  1. Click on Contact Us on the left menu.
  2. Click on the drop-down box that says "Select Contacts"
  3. Click on Webmaster
  4. Enter your name: Enter you first and last name.
  5. E-Mail Address: Enter your current email address. Your registration information will be sent to your the email address you list.
  6. Message Subject: You are requesting registration
  7. Enter your message: In the message subject, enter your "Login Name". You will need to select a "Login Name". This is a single word, no spaces or punctuation. Often your first name or a nickname is fine. For example, "Jane" might be a good login name for "Jane Doe".
  8. Notification - After we receive your email, we will activate your registration and send you an email notifying you of your temporary password.
  9. Changing your password - After you login, you can click on "Change Your Profile", and change your temporary password to something private.  If, while changing your password, you are asked to select an "Editor", you can select either "No WYSIWYG Editor" or "JCE Editor Mambot".  It doesn't matter, and you won't hurt anything.

Welcome to Covington Quilters
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